We are changing our name to HOLDBAR in 2020!

The trade show that is rich in traditions is changing its name to put sustainability on the agenda.

There is a great deal of awareness these days about packaging and the environmental impact that consumer materials and machines have on our planet.

Proper packaging of products to the point of consumption is necessary to maintain optimal quality, hinder drying out and reduce waste. In this way, the shelf-life of products is extended, and they become sustainable. It is therefore important to show how the food and packaging industry takes these requirements seriously and to make future-oriented solutions visible.

Since 2000, the industry has gathered together every three years in Norway to show their newest products and services. At the same time, they have taken part in good discussions relating to the opportunities and challenges in the industry. First during NEF days and thereafter at the meeting place Mat og Emballasje.

When we meet again in 2020, the trade show name will be HOLDBAR where we are putting future solutions and sustainability on the menu.

New team: Marketing consultant Siv-Jeanette Larsen and Project manager Cecilie Svabø have a broad outlook on and major ambitions for HOLDBAR 2020.

According to Project manager Cecilie Svabø, the trade show will be given a necessary and contemporary boost both in terms of design, content and activities:

“It is important for us to give the trade show a name (Holdbar, meaning both non-perishable and sustainable in Norwegian) that reflects what our exhibitors’ products and services do for producers and the consuming public. At the same time as it reflects our industry’s attitude towards the future.”

SMAK 2020 will be held in tandem with HOLDBAR and is the meeting place for everyone who works with food and drink. SMAK 2017 featured a total of 389 exhibitors; everything from local producers to internationally known brand name suppliers. It is natural that good synergies and communication will be built between HOLDBAR 2020 and SMAK 2020.

We look forward to welcoming you to HOLDBAR March 3-5, 2020!

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