Facts and figures from Mat & Emballasje 2017

Mat og Emballasje 2017 (now called HOLDBAR 2020) was well-visited over the course of three days. The visitors came from a broader range of groups, the trade show was bigger, and the programme was more varied than before. The number of visitors to the trade show is distributed across a large segment. Decision-makers in the food industry are very well represented. We are experiencing very good synergy effects by holding the trade show in tandem with SMAK food show.



Key figures from 2017

  • A total of 25,472 B2B visitors to Mat & Emballasje and SMAK 2017 over the course of three days in February.
  • 72% visited the show to meet their suppliers, meet new suppliers, or to gather information on what’s new in the food industry.
  • 65% of the exhibitors received direct orders during the show or immediately following it.
  • As many as 81% of the visitors in 2017 had decision-making authority for machines, packaging and associated articles.


Brief information about the visitors

  • 87% of the visitors to Mat & Emballasje 2017 wish to visit the show in 2020.
  • They come to the show to see new innovations and products to meet new and existing suppliers.
  • They come to meet the industry as well as to take part in lectures and talks and other events.


Exhibitors at the trade show

  • They take part in order to build networks and strengthen relationships, and to meet existing and new customers.
  • 73 exhibitors in total.
  • 62% of the exhibitors were represented as belonging within the food industry in general. (Such as packaging, machines, other technical equipment, and more).
  • 38% of the exhibitors were either indirectly or directly represented with goods and services supplies to the industry.
  • 76% are satisfied or very satisfied with the trade show.
  • 65% have completed sales or are expecting sales as a consequence of taking part in the trade show.

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